International Essay Competition on Accessible Architecture: 2nd Prize Winner

February 23, 2022

Henry Tsang for wins 2nd Prize in the International Essay Competition on Accessible Architecture. His essay entitled “Accessible Design: An Architect’s Blind Spot” will be published in a book on Accessible Architecture by Archhive Books.

“Bee Breeders Competition Organisers is pleased to announce the results for its Accessible Architecture Essay Competition! This event is part of a competition series focused on accessibility, and was run in tandem with The Home for the Blind competition, which sought designs for the home of a single blind occupant.

Articulating the active role of architectural design in the disabling or enabling of its users is not an easy task. Bee Breeders and its juror sought thoughts, insight, and research that best articulates a truly equitable understanding of inclusive accessible architecture.”

For more info:


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