AU Design Studio Final Reviews Fall 2020

Design studios’ final reviews are happening this week! We have a great lineup of guest critics, and students are all geared up for a packed week of design project presentations. All AU architecture students are welcome to attend. Best of luck to all!

Guest Critics:
Farhad Mortezaee, Architect, AAA, OAA, FarMor Architecture
Michael Otchie, Intern Architect, OAA, ERA Architects
Dr. Douglas MacLeod, Architect, CAB, Athabasca University
Trevor Butler, P.Eng., Athabasca University

Studio Coordinators:
Dr. Henry Tsang, Architect, OAQ
Veronica Madonna, Architect, OAA
Shane Laptiste, Architect, OAA, AAA
Keesa Hutchinson, Architect, AAA

For inquiries, contact:
Dr. Henry Tsang >
Veronica Madonna >


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